Why Us?


Rely on PetersHosts to keep your technology running—at peak performance.
PetersHosts’ 24/7 professional support team is trained and fluent in the latest technologies and delivers support effectively with deep knowledge, expertise, and unyielding customer service.

From desktop to application to system support, we offer a range of cost-effective solutions to fit your business, including Help desk. All of our support solutions are available à la carte..



Our streamlined communication and documentation processes provide for a seamless, collaborative experience that builds trusted relationships with our overseas customers and their remote end-users.


 We offer a full range of IT service models to meet each customer's unique business needs. Whether we act as your local `hands and eyes' taking direction from Europe or provide an end-to-end IT outsourcing approach, we keep your technology healthy and your users happy.


PetersHosts also supports companies that are looking to expand their business to the US. Beyond our IT expertise, which can fully handle your technology needs, we have business partnerships that assist with all aspects of your planned US expansion.



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